Embry-Riddle ‘expects’ masks to be worn in classrooms and airplanes

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University announced on Tuesday that it expects all students to wear masks in classrooms and on airplanes. Their spokesperson made it clear to FOX 35 News that this was not a mask warrant.

“[It’s a] clear cultural expectations for everyone in their community… following the university’s strong aviation safety culture, ”said the spokesperson.

It comes hours after the resignation of a beloved professor and president of the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Dr Timothy Wilson took to his LinkedIn page to say he was ending his 21-year career here because he believed the university’s COVID policies were wrong, adding that they would not allow professors to render mandatory masks in their classrooms or offices.

Now the university is issuing a statement that says, in part, “We are grateful for our colleague’s many years of service and wish him well in his future endeavors. His leadership and passion for his field have inspired many. We continue to work in partnership with our exceptional teachers to advance safety and defend our educational mission in these challenging times. “

Hours later, the university announced that it was disappointed with the low number of students wearing masks on campus on the first day of class on Monday.

The memorandum said, in part, “From this point on, in light of the latest guidance from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Embry-Riddle management expects everyone to world – whether you are vaccinated or not – wear a mask. on your nose and mouth at all times when you are inside an academic institution or on an airplane.

The spokesperson also told FOX 35 News that he will publish the number of positive COVID-19 cases on campus each week.

Watch FOX 35 News for the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic.

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