Eager American Airlines Passengers Exit Plane … On Wing

An impatient American Airlines passenger couldn’t wait his turn to get out of the plane and instead opened the emergency exit and left through the wing. But he didn’t go far …

Man exits American Airlines 737MAX via wing in Miami

The incident happened on American Airlines Flight 920 on Wednesday. The flight was traveling from Cali, Colombia (CLO) to Miami (MIA) aboard a Boeing 737MAX. After reaching gate D22, the man, Christian Segura, 33, opened the emergency exit over the wing, jumped on the wing and walked away.

Video of the incident shows that the emergency slide did not deploy, meaning the doors were already disarmed. It’s unclear why Segura didn’t just wait a few more minutes to exit the plane via the jet bridge with everyone.

It’s not like he’s trying to enter the country illegally – the man was an American citizen. He did not go far: the police quickly arrested him. He was first detained by Customs and the United States Border Patrol, then transferred to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

An American Airlines spokesperson confirmed the incident:

Upon disembarking in Miami, a customer of American Airlines Flight 920 with CLO service to MIA exited the aircraft through an emergency exit. The client was immediately arrested by the police. We thank the members of our team and the police for their professionalism and speed of action.

It is not clear whether the man remains in custody or even charged with a felony. According to WPLG, he told officers he felt bad and was then taken to an area hospital and treated for high blood pressure.


Segura isn’t the first man to try to get out of a plane through the canopy, but he once again demonstrates that impatience doesn’t buy time. Another American Airlines incident in Miami… do you see a trend here?

image: Twitter / WPLG

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