Dress up in a DIY Halloween costume by Ted Lasso from the Apple TV + show

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If you haven’t seen the hilarious Apple TV + show, Ted lasso, the time has come. Not only have the cast just won four Emmys, but the final episode of the second season airs tonight. If you are already a fan of AFC Richmond, we suspect that you are going to dress up as the eponymous Kansas soccer coach who is the leader of an England soccer team for Halloween. We’ve put together all the items you’ll need to create your DIY Ted Lasso Halloween costume.

AFC Richmond hoodie and shirt

Check out the AFC Richmond ‘Ted Lasso’ Hoodie by Prevail Fenix ​​on Amazon.

Any self-respecting coach should wear his team’s merchandise, and Ted Lasso is no exception. Usually it sports the team logo on a vest, but on the state side we think a hoodie or t-shirt will be more appropriate. Both of these pieces feature the AFC Richmond Greyhound crest, so other fans of the series will effortlessly pick up your outfit.

Buy the hoodie: Amazon

Buy the shirt: Amazon


Check out the Mustache's Store mustache on Amazon.

Check out the Mustache’s Store mustache on Amazon.

During the show’s two seasons, Ted Lasso has a mustache that could rival that of Tom Selleck from his Friends years. While we can only imagine how actor Jason Sudeikis, who plays Ted Lasso, handles his mustache when the series is not in production, luckily we can just buy a sticky mustache for October 31 instead of try to grow one in time.

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Visor, sunglasses and whistle

Check out the Crown Sporting Goods whistle on Amazon.

Check out the Crown Sporting Goods whistle on Amazon.

Although England is not the sunniest place, it can still rain or snow, and having a visor and sunglasses can come in handy on the pitch. Ted always wears a visor and aviator sunglasses when he’s outside, so it’s okay for you to bring one along while making treats. Likewise, as a trainer, he needs a whistle while he is training, so be sure to grab one and hang it around your neck.

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Buy the sunglasses: Amazon

Buy the whistle: Amazon

Bonus: Believe the mug

Discover LINQWkk's 'Ted Lasso'

Check out the LINQWkk “Believe” “Ted Lasso” Mug on Amazon.

While not a requirement, it’s a fun Easter egg for other fans who might find you on Halloween night. During the pilot episode, Ted sets up a “Believe” sign in the locker room to motivate the team. Later in the season, we find out that Ted has these signs in his house as well. This mug is a perfect addition to your costume to make sure fans know exactly how dedicated you are to the ‘way of the lasso’.

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Be sure to check out the two seasons of Ted lasso on Apple TV + and watch the season two finale today.

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