Denver Flight Attendant Self-Defense Program Reinstated By TSA

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The TSA has reinstated the program to assist flight attendants during an increase in the number of violent passengers.

The TSA’s field office at Denver International Airport has reinstated a major self-defense program that will train flight attendants in response to a spike in unruly passengers on planes. Restarted in July, it provides flight attendants with self-defense training to give them confidence in handling violent passengers.

The TSA’s Denver field office is tucked away in a nearby neighborhood and has a tangled gym and an airline fuselage to aid in the training of air marshals. The organization uses the same location to train flight attendants. The training is voluntary and takes place once a month for four hours per course.

According to a TSA press release In June, the training aims to equip flight crews to identify and deter potential threats and apply self-defense techniques only when necessary.

“Through this training program, the Federal Air Marshals of the TSA are able to impart their specialized expertise in the defense and de-escalation of an attack in an aircraft environment,” said Darby LaJoye, senior official in the field of aircraft. TSA Administrator Duties, In The News “While we hope flight crew members never need these tactics, it is essential for everyone’s safety that they are well prepared to handle situations as they arise.

Since January 2021, the TSA has held more than 50 self-defense seminars across the country, but decided to revamp the program as violent interactions increased. As of October 19, the FAA reported more than 4,800 instances unruly passengers. While not all of the altercations turned violent, more than 900 cases have resulted in investigations into violence against airline crews. During the five-year period between 2015 and 2020, the FAA opened only 786 investigations.

In addition to training TSA flight attendants to handle potentially threatening situations, the FAA has issued a public service campaign educate the public on the laws surrounding violent and threatening behavior in the air. The campaign includes a “zero tolerance toolkit” with a digital signage that airports can use to educate the public.

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