Death Valley Aliens Treaty Explained

AHS: Death Valley shows President Dwight Eisenhower making a mutually beneficial, yet human-dangerous deal with aliens in a 1954 treaty.

american horror story season 10, Death Valley, shows President Eisenhower making a secret treaty with extraterrestrials, which has both beneficial and devastating consequences. Death Valley documents President Eisenhower’s first encounter with aliens on Earth in 1954, while presenting a current timeline that explores how far alien-human interactions have developed over the past 70 years. Like black and white american horror story the timeline shows the high-level ramifications of those secrets, the current characters become subjects of the dangerous alien side of the treaty.

The first episode of american horror story season 10 Death Valley attempts to portray the actual conspiracies of Dwight Eisenhower’s alien encounter. Eisenhower (Neal McDonough) is called in from his vacation in Palm Springs to investigate a mysterious accident in the desert, only to find aliens and aviator Amelia Earhart, missing for nearly 20 years. Back at the Air Force base, 1950s housewife Maria Wycoff (Rebecca Dayan) was abducted and possessed by aliens, now acting as a communicator between humans and aliens. After murdering several military employees, Maria attempts to negotiate with Eisenhower for a mutually beneficial deal.

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When they first explain why aliens came to Earth, they reveal that their planet is dying and to survive they must create a strong half-alien, half-human species, perhaps by feeding humans. American Horror Story: Crimson Tide‘s black pills. Similar to the deal that conspiracy theorists say was made in real life, Death Valleythe president commits to authorize american horror storyaliens to abduct 5,000 Americans a year for experimentation as long as it remains secret and helps advance US technological innovations. Jumping to the modern day timeline, the four kidnapped students find themselves severely pregnant and being held in an alien place of detention. As they meet the other resident humans, they discover that some people can reduce aging, receive help to advance their own technological inventions (such as AHSpresence of Steve Jobs’ alien hub) and other benefits for their contribution to the birth of alien-human hybrids.

Steve Jobs American Horror Story Season 10 Alien Death Valley

The main reason for Death ValleyThe Aliens Treaty with President Eisenhower aimed to advance the alien species for future survival while allowing the United States to technologically outpace its international rivals like the Russians. Since the deal was first made in 1954, aliens have spent nearly 70 years trying to perfect a new species. Seen by Angelica Ross Death Valley Alien hybrid character, Theta, there were a few hiccups along the way, her head having a half-human, half-alien eye shape. The different types of human alien species tested by the characters in the college seem all the more suspicious, with one character even being pregnant with twins. According to american horror story season 10, aliens gave humans rapid advances from microwaves to iPhones, while humans are still taken like lab rats and even killed by the experiments.

With the series giving a reason why the deal between aliens and humans was made in the first place, american horror story finally begins to provide answers to the alien mysteries of season 2 Asylum. We still don’t know if Death Valley‘sand AsylumAliens are of the same species, but they both focused on imbuing human abductees. Ever since Kit Walker’s alien-induced children grew up to be very successful humans, it seems that aliens have already found a way to create an excellent species. The kidnapping of Kit and his family is also said to have taken place after the deal struck by american horror story season 10, so it’s plausible that AsylumExtraterrestrials were also included in the treaty.

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