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French aerospace company Daher has unveiled a new US-built aircraft called the Kodiak 900 – and it’s already certified.

The aircraft manufacturer revealed the utility and passenger aircraft, which is a bigger brother to the Kodiak 100, on July 25.

Daher says the US Federal Aviation Administration certified the 900 on July 20. The company plans to start shipping the new one in 2023.

Daher calls the 900 a “larger, faster version of the tough, rugged Kodiak 100”.

The 10-seat Kodiak 900 is powered by a single Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-140A turboprop that generates 900 hp (671 kW).

The aircraft can cruise at 210 kt (389 km/h), has a maximum range of 1,129 nm (2,091 km) and can carry a payload of up to approximately 1,633 kg (3,600 lb).

These numbers mean that the Kodiak 900 will outperform the previous generation Kodiak 100, also a 10-seater. The 100 has a maximum cruise speed of 174 knots and a range of up to 1,132 nm, according to Daher.

The 900 also has a larger fuselage which measures 11.4 m (37.6 ft) front to back. The fuselage of the 100 is 1.1 m shorter.

Daher also points to the fuel efficiency of its new model, saying the 900 burns around 9% less fuel than the Kodiak 100, which is also powered by a PT6.

Daher acquired US manufacturer Kodiak in 2019. The company produces 100s and 900s at its Sandpoint, Ohio plant.

In recent years, Daher has expanded in the United States. In addition to acquiring Kodiak, in July it purchased an aerostructure manufacturing site in Florida from Triumph Group. The site manufactures components for aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Gulfstream.

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