CubCrafters NXCub Achieves FAA Certification

Is it still a Cub if it has a front wheel? The answer is yes, if it is the CubCrafters NXCub.

The Yakima-based company received Part 23 certification for the nose gear version of the design, making it a fully certified aircraft by the FAA.

Previously, NXCub were produced in the experimental category.

According to CubCrafters, the NXCub was developed to increase access to off-road flight for pilots who do not have a tail wheel approval. It will also provide an option for government agencies and other organizations who want the versatility of aircraft designed for excursions to non-runway locations, but prefer designs with front wheels for operational safety across a range of pilot capabilities, as well as insurability.

According to Brad Damm, vice president of sales and marketing for CubCrafters, development of the NXCub began in 2019 when a fuel-injected version of the XCub was released, eliminating the need for a carburetor.

“It was important to remove the carburetor because that’s where the front wheel was attached,” Damm explained, adding that the experimental NXCub category became available in 2020 through the CubCrafter manufacturer support program.

The NXCub is available on legacy gears and spring gears, as well as amphibious and straight floats.

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