Couple plan to sue Hawaiian Airlines after dog dies in flight

A Hawaiian couple plan to sue Hawaiian Airlines after their one-year-old English pit bull died while traveling on a flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu.

Hawaii Airlines spokeswoman Marrisa Villegas issued a statement to FoxNews, saying the airline aims to “be very careful” when transporting animals on flights, while expressing remorse as they await the results of the autopsy of the fallen animal.

“We were saddened to learn of the death of our client’s dog. We have been in frequent communication with the pet’s owner since Friday as we conduct our investigation and await the results of the state quarantine autopsy. “Hawaii. We’re told it will take 2-4 weeks for the results to be ready,” Villegas said.

While Hawaiian Air claims to have been in “frequent” communication with the dog’s owner, Aulani Kupahu, he begs to disagree.

“The first phone call was basically dead Tofu. That’s it,” says Kupahu. “Someone will get in touch with you. We waited and waited. Nothing. We never got an email – nothing. As far as Hawaiian Airlines was concerned, it was just those two phone calls, but I mean, I don’t know what the reason is that they even called in. They don’t have answers for us.

The owner reportedly purchased the dog for $10,000.

This is the second time a dog has died in the past year for Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaii News Now reports that a man claimed his 2-year-old pit bull died on a flight from Hawaii to Seattle in July 2021. A Hawaii Airlines spokesperson said the pit bull was also a dog at the snub nose.

Villegas adds that the airline will continue to be the only U.S. passenger carrier to accept snub-nosed dogs, which are “more susceptible” to respiratory problems than other dogs.

“It’s important to note that we have stricter shipping procedures for the safe handling of snub-nosed dogs,” she says.

The airlines will have their hands full of legal questions if the couple pursues the lawsuit. This will be the transport company’s second costume in the past week. Last week, seven Hawaiian Airlines employees reportedly filed a class action lawsuit against the company’s vaccination mandate.

In 2019, a Hawaiian Airlines flight traveling from Honolulu to New York City was reportedly diverted to San Francisco after a flight attendant suffered a fatal heart attack on board.

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