Cloudmaster DC6 plane is what happens when yacht designers take over airlines

This is exactly the scenario that unfolded when designing the Cloudmaster DC6 G-APSA concept. The minds behind the project? Only one of the best known designers in the yachting industry, Bannenberg and Rowell (BR).

Since 1954, this design group has focused on making dreams come true. Their website primarily reveals a love for naval design, but browsing through the available projects you will also find airplanes and interiors among the mix. That’s what you see here, this company’s take on what it means to fly in style.

According to BR, the Cloudmaster is a version of a real aircraft, the Douglas Aircraft Company’s DC-6, an aircraft built between 1946 and 1958, a variant of which was even used by the US Air Force Service.

For this design, BR was presented with an original model used during the Berlin Airlift, but the main differences are made by the 1960s aesthetic. All of this is illustrated by “Mad Men and Ken Adams infusions” , even a touch of Sean Connery’s (Mason & Sons) couture style entered this sucker. With these clues in hand, the team set to work creating a retro style that will appeal to a certain client.

Now, the exterior of the plane doesn’t say much except for the fact that it shines a little golden. However, it has more to do with the environment than the airplane itself. After all, there’s not much you can do outside of a plane like this because it’s already set to optimal levels.

But inside vehicles like these, that story is no longer the case. Sure, the exterior styling might not be that impressive and might require a bit of customer opinion on the paint job, but interiors are just one of those places where you can really appreciate the flair. from BR for the design.

If you think the Cloudmaster is a cramped plane where the movements of the passenger sitting in front of you hurt your knees, think again. This aircraft is believed to date from an earlier era of shoulder-to-shoulder seats and salted peanuts, and in doing so, offers a huge amount of space for passengers to move around the cabin.

But by moving in the respective cabin, spaces like those found on yachts, go understand, also appear. One of these spaces features U-shaped seats that extend across the width of the fuselage, while a center table with telescoping top can accommodate 12 people for dining. In this area there is also a kitchen and a central bar equipped with period stools.

As for the space that needs to be used for the seats during take off and landing, again all that was not the case for my generation. The accommodations here are more like cafes than planes and can accommodate around 18 people. By placing six guests at a table, and four of them, with the table on one side, a small hallway, perfect for walking up to your seat is created.

Materials like wood, semi-precious metals, glass and even composites seem to be making an appearance aboard the Cloudmaster, along with leathers and LED lighting. But aspects such as engine strength or construction were not presented as this beauty is currently only a concept.

Honestly, I feel like a billionaire probably owns a plane that looks a lot like this beast, and while we might never know who or where, at least we do know who they may have been talking to about decorating. interior.

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