Chattanooga Preparatory School and Scenic City Airmen to Host Aviation Appreciation Day May 14

Scenic City Aviators (SCA) will partner with Chattanooga Preparatory School to host its first annual Aviation Appreciation Day on May 14 at the Collegedale Municipal Airport at 5100 Bess Moore Road, Apison.

This inaugural event will increase student exposure to the aviation industry. Attendees will meet pilots and mechanics, tour hangars, and get an inside view of aircraft owned and operated by local pilots and SCA members.

Special guests attending the first annual Aviation Appreciation Day include:

Chad Garrison, president of Scenic City Aviators, who after a mid-flight engine explosion was able to safely land a plane with four people on board and no casualties.

Vaughn P. Phipps, member of Scenic City Aviators, who personally landed a private plane in all 50 states of the United States

Dr. David Ulmer, member of Scenic City Aviators

Scenic City Aviators member Vincent Phipps

Cameron Doody, Chattanooga entrepreneur

Sean Datcher, member of Scenic City Aviators, pilot and aircraft mechanic

Sammy Previlus, member of Scenic City Aviators and helicopter pilot

“The day I first flew an airplane solo, I knew I could do anything in life if I worked for it,” said Chattanooga Preparatory mentor Cam Doody. School, SCA Member and Instrument Qualified Private Pilot. “That day changed my life permanently.”

SCA member and Aviation Appreciation Day event organizer Vincent Phipps says there’s more to the aviation industry than flying. He said: “Aviation offers children and adults of all ages the opportunity to have fun either as a hobby or as a profession.”

Mr Phipps said the event will encourage young people to consider aviation – an industry which he says is rich in opportunities for a wide variety of career paths and interests.

“Whether you’re in piloting, avionics, maintenance, air traffic control, operations, or more; when you experience aviation, you soar through life,” he said.

For more information on the first annual Aviation Appreciation Day and Scenic City Airmen, contact Mr. Phipps at 423-400-1040 or email [email protected]

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