CCIA is working on adding domestic flight options beyond Denver

CCIA airport officials attempted to secure nonstop service between Corpus Christi and Denver. Now two other cities are also in the running.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Kim Barrientos is happy that Corpus Christi International Airport adds more options, but she said she likes the idea of ​​nonstop flights to places she wants to go.

“It needs to offer more flights, especially for direct flights like the Midwest,” she said. “Especially right now, there are no direct flights. You have to go to Houston when they could fly to Des Moines direct.”

CCIA officials are working to secure direct flights to out-of-state destinations beyond Denver, as well as with other carriers.

“Frontier and Allegiance, and some of those carriers don’t like to just do one city three times a week,” he said. “So what we offered them is to do three times a week in Denver, three times a week in Orlando, three times a week in Las Vegas, there are other cities that Corpus Christians want to surrender.”

Visit Corpus Christi CEO Brett Oetting said his group wants to help the city get nonstop service to Denver.

“One of the things we say to the airlines is that if you give us this nonstop air service to Denver, then Visit Corpus Christi will inject a lot of dollars into the market and tell people in the Denver area that ‘they can now fly non-stop to Corpus Christi,’ he said.

Smith plans to travel to Las Vegas in October to meet with 14 airlines, including Amazon and UPS, as well as Las Vegas and Denver airport officials in a bid to try to get as much support as possible for more domestic flights.

However, it will be some time before international flights are back on the table.

“The big problem right now is that Mexican airspace has been downgraded to a Class B airspace“He said. “That basically means we can’t add new flights on a Mexican carrier from the United States to Mexico or from Mexico to the United States. It’s more a matter of paper, as the FAA explained to us.

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