Where is the refund for my canceled Lufthansa flight?

Q. Last year I booked plane tickets from Prague to Los Angeles through SkyLux, an online ticket broker. After Lufthansa canceled my flight at the last minute, a SkyLux agent promised me that the company had refunded my money, but that I had to pay for a new ticket. The …

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World War II veterans take flight in Alma

ALMA, Neb. (KSNB) – Two World War II veterans had the opportunity to take a ride in the sky once again at Alma Municipal Airport on Friday. Veterans were offered a free morning get on a biplane via “Dream Flights”. Family, friends and other members of the community came to …

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A freighter takes off for the space station

A Northrop Grumman Antares rocket lifted off the east coast of Virginia on Tuesday, soared over the Atlantic Ocean, and departed after the International space station to deliver 4 tons of crew supplies, equipment and research material. The two Russian-built RD-181 first-stage engines ignited with a burst of flame at …

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