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There’s an expression about being born on third base, which is where Oakland A’s long, drawn-out plan to move to Las Vegas might hang.

If the A’s moved to the Valley, MLB would not charge the struggling franchise an expensive moving fee, a person with knowledge of the situation told the Review-Journal on Monday.

The news came three days before the San Francisco Bay Area Conservation and Development Commission votes on de-designating the Howard Terminal on Oakland’s waterfront for port operations – seen as a crucial step. towards the A’s building a new baseball stadium in the town they’ve called home ever since. 1968.

I’m going to trade 10 Rickey Hendersons and toss a Reggie Jackson rookie card for a James Kaprielian to anyone who thinks the timing of this latest news leak is just a coincidence.

The NFL billed the Raiders $375 million when they moved to Las Vegas; the Chargers and Rams received $645 million each when they moved to Los Angeles, based on the expected increase in franchise value after the relocation.

Not having to pay moving expenses is a bit more fortuitous than finding a $20 bill in the laundry when it comes to the A’s possibly moving to Las Vegas.

He opened what once looked like a crack in the door to an opening so wide even a heavy catcher could fit through.

Darling Offer Part II

A report by newballpark.org in March 2021 – two months before the A’s began looking for a deal in Las Vegas – speculated that MLB’s move surcharge could hit $1 billion to secure the value of its other A’s. franchises.

It just so happens that $1 billion is the projected cost of building a new domed baseball stadium in Las Vegas.

It bears repeating that the A’s chances of receiving the kind of love deal the Raiders got ($750 million in public funding) when they left the moribund Oakland Coliseum in the rearview mirror are far less than theirs. rallying to make the playoffs.

But John Fisher, the frugal owner of the A, could use the savings of $1 billion (or somewhere in that quarter) on relocation costs to build a ballpark himself, or at least offset much of what it will cost.

And then Fisher might think he’s getting the kind of deal in Las Vegas that he’s been asking A’s president, Dave Kaval, to pursue for over a year.


With Las Vegas Ballpark only 3 years old and far from smelling of hot dog mustard and spilled beer, the city wasn’t exactly looking for an MLB team when the A’s started coming to the Valley on fact-finding missions.

But would Las Vegas send the Aviators and Finn the Bat Dog packing their bags if it made sense for Las Vegas? You can set your pitch clock on it. Especially considering that the same relocation fee report said it would likely cost around $2 billion to land an expansion team on the road so Commissioner Rob Manfred could achieve his goal of a balanced configuration of 32 teams.

If MLB waives the A’s relocation fee, the only ones to be written off would be the other owners who pocketed a good chunk of the change from the deal.

But if the A’s made significant progress on a new ballpark, regardless of their location, they would no longer be eligible for the grants they receive under the new baseball collective bargaining agreement.

The A’s are expected to pocket 25% of a total revenue share in 2022, 50% in 2023, 75% in 2024 and a full share in 2025.

Depending on how many spectators the Yankees and Red Sox cram into the stands — and how much they’re charged for a giant beer — having the A’s in the books could still be worth something to other owners as part of a setup that paid more than $110 million to less fortunate teams.

No one can guess how it all unfolds. But with the key vote in Oakland on Thursday, the A’s could dance to third base knowing they’re closer to home than they have been in a while.

Contact Ron Kantowski at rkantowski@reviewjournal.com or 702-383-0352. Follow @ronkantowski on Twitter.

Amanda Holden Wows Fans in White Bikini and Straw Hat in the Sun on Italy Trip https://pilotin.org/amanda-holden-wows-fans-in-white-bikini-and-straw-hat-in-the-sun-on-italy-trip/ Sun, 26 Jun 2022 10:44:44 +0000 https://pilotin.org/amanda-holden-wows-fans-in-white-bikini-and-straw-hat-in-the-sun-on-italy-trip/

Amanda Holden has shared photos with fans from her trip to Sicily. (Getty Images)

Amanda Holden wowed fans with her latest swimsuit look while relaxing in the sun on a trip to the Italian island of Sicily.

The TV star, 51, donned a white bandeau bikini with matching bottoms, as well as a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Posting a photo of her chic ensemble on Instagram, the England has an incredible talent judge – who accessorized with aviator-style sunglasses and brown flip-flops – could be seen leaning against a stone wall.

Captioning the image, she wrote: “Hats off to #Sicilly #Theitalianjob, love it here.”

Holden’s post was well received by social media users who left more than 23,000 likes – with many comments from her celebrity friends.

Presenter Ruth Langsford wrote “Ciao Bella!”, while comedian Alan Carr shared a series of love heart emojis.

Meanwhile, one fan shared, “Gorgeous honey!

Another added: “So beautiful.”

The Heart radio host is on a Mediterranean getaway with Carr, with whom she is filming a new BBC show called Italian work.

Over the course of the eight-episode series, viewers will see them attempt to renovate a crumbling Sicilian property and turn it into a luxury vacation home.

Earlier this week, the mother-of-two shared another photo on Instagram of the couple leaning against the giant front door of what appeared to be a large villa.

Captioning the photo, she joked, “Back with the Don.”

Kris Bryant focuses on returning to baseball form during rehab stint https://pilotin.org/kris-bryant-focuses-on-returning-to-baseball-form-during-rehab-stint/ Thu, 23 Jun 2022 02:50:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/kris-bryant-focuses-on-returning-to-baseball-form-during-rehab-stint/

Kris Bryant has an off-season home in Las Vegas. He trains at the Las Vegas Ballpark during the winter.

Still, he said it was weird being in his hometown during baseball season.

“It’s kind of weird being here in the summer when I’m not supposed to be,” Bryant said. “My family being back in Colorado is weird, as is having the house empty by myself.”

The Bonanza High School graduate is back in Las Vegas on a rehab assignment with the Colorado Rockies’ Triple-A team, the Albuquerque Isotopes, in their six-game series against the Las Vegas Aviators.

Bryant, who signed with the Rockies to a seven-year, $182 million deal last offseason, has played 17 games this season while battling a back injury.

After going six innings to left field Tuesday night in his first rehab start, Bryant said he felt a little sore, but admitted that was expected. Bryant focused on making his body feel good to be part of the Rockies’ daily training.

“Getting back to baseball shape is the hardest thing,” Bryant said. “Holding out in the outfield for three hours, you can’t really train for that.”

In Triple-A, Bryant gained first-hand experience of rule changes installed before the start of the season that could be implemented in the major leagues in the near future.

Bryant called the move to larger bases a “no-brainer,” citing player safety as why the move would be good for MLB. He doesn’t care about the pitch clock, even though she doesn’t use it when he’s at bat because he’s on an MLB rehab assignment.

As for the automated ball and strike system, Bryant is hesitant to endorse it for the majors.

“I think it would be beneficial, but I don’t think it should be fully approved in the major leagues yet,” he said.

Based on his observations and interviews with his Albuquerque teammates, Bryant feels there is still some ambiguity since ABS adds an extra inch to either side of the strike zone. But he hopes the issues will be resolved in time before he is used in MLB.

As for the lingering rumors that his hometown lands a big league team, Bryant is confident the city can back a team. He cited the success of the Raiders and Golden Knights as why Las Vegas would be a perfect fit for MLB.

If a big league team decided to call Las Vegas home, Bryant said there would have to be a condition.

“(The stadium) has to be indoors,” he said. “It gets a little hot here in the summer.”

Contact Alex Wright at awright@reviewjournal.com. Follow @AlexWright1028 on Twitter.

Prospect League Scoreboard (June 21) | Sports https://pilotin.org/prospect-league-scoreboard-june-21-sports/ Tue, 21 Jun 2022 04:45:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/prospect-league-scoreboard-june-21-sports/


Ranking of the league of hopes

Every hour Central

Eastern Division

River Wabash`W`L`GB

Danville In`12`7`—

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp `12` 7`—

Terre Haute Rex`11`7`0.5

Lafayette Airmen`9`10`3.0

Ohio River Valley`W`L`GB

Chillicothe Paintings`14`5`—

Johnstown Mill Rats`7`11`6.5

West Virginia Miners`5`11`7.5

Champion City Kings`4`12`9.5

western division

Great River`W`L`GB

Normal CornBelters`9`8`—

Clinton LumberKings`10`9`0.5

Quincy Gems`9`10`1.5

Burlington Bees`6`13`5.5

Terre des Prairies`W`L`GB

Alton River Dragons`11`7`—

O’Fallon Hoots`11`8`0.5

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes`9`10`2.5

Cape Catfish`7`11`4.0

Matches on Friday 10 June

Normal Corn Belts 6, Quincy Gems 3

Normal CornBelters 4, Quincy Gems

Terre Haute Rex 13, West Virginia 2

Champion City Kings 9, Lafayette Aviators 7

O’Fallon Hoots 3, Danville In 0

Danville In 8, O’Fallon Hoots 6

Chillicothe Paints 4, Johnstown Mill Rats 1

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 5, Clinton LumberKings 0

Alton River Dragons 6, Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 4

Burlington Bees 8, Cape Catfish 7

Matches on Saturday June 11

Chillicothe Paints 8, Johnstown Mill Rats 1

Chillicothe Paints 7, Johnstown Mill Rats 4

West Virginia Miners 13, Terre Haute Rex 3

Lafayette Aviators 10, Champions City Kings 4

Clinton LumberKings 11, O’Fallon Hoots 7

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 7, Normal Corn Belts 0

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 12, Quincy Gems 1

Danville In 10, Alton River Dragons 9

Burlington Bees 10, Cape Catfish 9

Matches on Sunday 12 June

Chillicothe Paints 6, Johnstown Mill Rats 1

Clinton Lumberkings 10, O’Fallon Hoots 4

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 5, Danville In 4

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 17, Burlington Bees 3

Terre Haute Rex 14, Lafayette Aviators 3

Cape Catfish 12, Alton River Dragons 2

Normal Corn Belts 14, Quincy Gems 10

West Virginia Miners at Champion City Kings, rescheduled for July 10

Matches on Tuesday 14 June

Chillicothe Paints 9, West Virginia Miners 8

Champion City Kings 20, Johnstown Mill Rats 3

Quincy Gems 5, Cape Catfish 3

Cape Catfish 8, Quincy Gems 4

O’Fallon Hoots 10, Clinton LumberKings 9, 8 innings

O’Fallon Hoots 3, Clinton LumberKings 2

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 7, Alton River Dragons 2

Danville In 3, Lafayette Aviators 3

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 10, Burlington Bees 6

Matches of Wednesday June 15

Terre Haute Rex 20, Danville In 10, 7 innings

Chillicothe Paints 6, West Virginia Miners 0

Johnstown Mill Rats at 6, Champion City Kings 5

Lafayette Aviators 15, Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 2, 8 sleeves

O’Fallon Hoots 8, Normal CornBelters 7

Alton River Dragons 9, Clinton LumberKings 7

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 9, Burlington Bees 1

Matches on Thursday 16 June

Johnstown Mill Rats 14, West Virginia Miners 3

Paints Chillicothe 7, Champion City Kings 6

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 3, Lafayette Aviators 1

Danville In 13, Terre Haute Rex 0

O’Fallon Hoots 9, Burlington Bees 1

Clinton LumberKings 7, Quincy Gems 2

Alton River Dragons 9, Cape Catfish 8, 11 sleeves

Normal Corn Belts 6, Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 5

Matches on Friday 17 June

Johnstown Mill Rats 5, West Virginia Miners 3

Lafayette Aviators 10, Champion City Kings 0

Danville In 11, Chillicothe Paintings 7

Quincy Gems 11, Burlington Bees 4

Clinton LumberKings 8, Cape Catfish 1

O’Fallon Hoots 6, Normal CornBelters 3

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 10, Alton River Dragons 7

Terre Haute Rex 10, Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 3

Matches on Saturday June 18

Chillicothe Paints 7, West Virginia Miners 4

Chillicothe Paints 4, West Virginia Miners 3

Terre Haute Rex 10, Champion City Kings 0

Danville In 11, Johnstown Mill Rats 10, 10 innings

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 2, Lafayette Aviators 1

Clinton LumberKings 4, Cape Catfish 3

Alton River Dragons 6, Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 4

Quincy Gems 10, Burlington Bees 0

O’Fallon Hoots 16, Normal CornBelters 4

Matches on Sunday 19 June

Danville in 13, Johnstown Mill Rats 10

Clinton LumberKings 4, Alton River Dragons 2

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 8, Normal Corn Belts 4

Burlington Bees 2, Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 1

Terre Haute Rex 7, Lafayette Aviators 5

Paints Chillicothe 11, Champion City Kings 8

Quincy Gems 5, Cape Catfish 3

Matches on Monday 20 June

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes 16, Quincy Gems 6

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 6, Lafayette Aviators 0

Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp 9, Lafayette Aviators 2

West Virginia Miners 4, Danville In 2

Terre Haute Rex 11, Chillicothe Paintings 4

Alton River Dragons 3, Clinton LumberKings 2

Matches on Tuesday 21 June

Springfield Lucky Horseshoes at Normal CornBelters (2), noon

Chillitcothe Paints at Champion City Kings (2), 4:30 p.m.

Danville Dans at West Virginia Miners, 5:35 p.m.

Terre Haute Rex at Johnstown Mill Rats, 6 p.m.

Quincy Gems at Burlington Bees, 6:30 p.m.

O’Fallon Hoots at Cape Catfish, 6:35 p.m.


At Linda K. Epling Stadium, Beckley, WV

Danville In 11, Chillicothe Paintings 7

Danville `AB`R`H`RBI

Jonathon Thomas cf `5 `1 `2 `0

Drake DiGiorno ss `4 `0 `2 `1

Jack Ellis 1b `4 `1 `0 `0

Wesley Helms 3b `4 `0 `1 `0

BJ Banyon pr`0 `0 `0 `0

Will Portera dh `3 `0 `0 `0

Bryce Luck lf `4 `0 `1 `1

Will Charpentier 2b `2 `0 `0 `0

Kodey Shojinaga c `3 `0 `0 `0

Chase Vinson ph `1 `0 `0 `0

Gray scourge c `0 `0 `0 `0

Trey Higgins rf `2 `0 `1 `0

Josh Leerssen p `0 `0 `0 `0

Landon Tompkins p `0 `0 `0 `0

Totals `32 `2 `7 `2

West Virginia `AB`R`H`RBI

Barrett Riebock cf`4 `0 `1 `0

Eddie Leon rf `4 `0 `1 `0

Blake Lazaris dh `4 `1 `1 `0

Alex Christie ss`3 `1 `0 `0

Hayden Skipper l`4 `1 `2 `1

Coby Tweeten 1b`3 `1 `0 `2

Josh Griffin 2b`4 `0 `0 `0

Stephen Karis c`2 `0 `1 `1

Devin Hooper 3b`3 `0 `0 `0

Brett Whiteman p`0 `0 `0 `0

Charlie Joyce p`0 `0 `0 `0

Caleb White p`0 `0 `0 `0

Totals `31 `4 `6 `4

Danville `200 `000 `000`— `2 `7`1

West Virginia `000 `001 `03x`— `4 `6 `2

E — Tompkins, Karis, Whiteman 2B — Higgins, captain. LOB – Danville 12, WV 8. SB – Thomas 2, Helms, Chance. SF — Karis

Danville `IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Leersen`6.0 `3 `1 `1 `2 `6

Tompkins (G, 1-1)`2.0 `3 `3 `0 `1 `2

Totals `8.0 `6 `4 `1 `3 `8

West Virginia`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Whiteman`4.0 `4 `2 `1 `4 `7

Joyce`3.0 `1 `0 `0 `2 `1

White (W, 1-1)`2.0 `2 `0 `0 `1 `2

Totals `9.0 `7 `2 `1 `7 `10

RAP — Leerssen, Joyce 2

Referees – Matt Bradley and Pat Atkins

T-2:49. Turnout — 250.

Ready to get dirty? Rugged Maniac 5K obstacle course coming to Staten Island. https://pilotin.org/ready-to-get-dirty-rugged-maniac-5k-obstacle-course-coming-to-staten-island/ Sat, 18 Jun 2022 21:57:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/ready-to-get-dirty-rugged-maniac-5k-obstacle-course-coming-to-staten-island/

STATEN ISLAND, NY – The Rugged Maniac obstacle course series makes its Staten Island debut on Saturday, June 25 at Ocean Breeze.

The 5K race, which will take place at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, will feature over 25 obstacles, including unlimited mud, giant inflatables, epic fire jumps, rope climbs and a giant slide at the end. .

The wave of races will start at 9 a.m. and continue until 12:30 p.m., with departures every 15 minutes.

The course, according to the race’s website, is described as 3.1 miles with obstacles designed for “both a thrill and fun.”

Race director Ray Cardella explained that the Rugged Maniac obstacle course series has been running for 10 years, where it was once housed at the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn. The move to Staten Island was due to “get the course to include more mud”.

Besides the obstacles, Cardella explained that there will be a huge post-race festival, starting at 8:30 a.m. with a DJ, sponsor booths and all kinds of games with food and beer.

“Everyone over 21 gets a free beer and we have music and games,” Cardella said. “We also help raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.”

Those who enter the race will receive a high quality tech shirt, race medal, bottle opener, free photos and a free beer.

Local obstacle course partners include Tipico Sportsbook, Waterloo Sparkling Water and Flagship Brewing Company.

To see the full list of obstacles, click here.

Those interested can register for the obstacle course on the website.

Oliver Hudson bids bittersweet goodbye as son faces major transition https://pilotin.org/oliver-hudson-bids-bittersweet-goodbye-as-son-faces-major-transition/ Thu, 16 Jun 2022 20:56:37 +0000 https://pilotin.org/oliver-hudson-bids-bittersweet-goodbye-as-son-faces-major-transition/

Beatrice Colon

by Olivier Hudson son, Wilder Brooks, has big changes coming, and her parents seriously can’t believe it.

MORE: Oliver Hudson is thrilled with the return of his popular TV show – and he’s got the best response

The actor revealed to fans that his eldest officially graduated from eighth gradeand heads for high school.

He shared a glimpse of the bittersweet graduation weekend as the family bid farewell to Wilder’s college.

Loading player…

WATCH: Oliver shares health update with fans

MORE: Oliver Hudson’s disturbing new photo of the prosthetic chair has fans saying one thing

A photo he shared shows his wife, Erinn Bartlett, posing alongside his 14-year-old daughter, donning a puffy white dress with voluminous sleeves and black aviator sunglasses, like her son looks as dapper as she looks chicsporting a white button and shaggy blonde hair.

As appropriate as he may have looked at his eighth grade graduation, Erinn couldn’t resist taking note of mom’s typical urge to fix your kids’ lookjokingly, “Anyone else miss the days when you could dress up and cut your teen’s hair?”

The mum-of-three continued to reminisce about her son in her Instagram Stories, expressing how it all turns out in the blink of an eye.

The sweet mom-son cliché

She shared an incredibly cute ‘how it started’ photo that showed her kissing her son on the cheek during kindergarten graduation, and another featuring Wilder with one of his close friends, and she once again joked, “Back when they would smile for the camera.”

MORE: Goldie Hawn’s son Oliver Hudson is thrilled with career recognition: ‘Look mom, I made it’

MORE: Goldie Hawn’s son Oliver Hudson shares hospital health update after crucial procedure

Oliver posted again another photo of the family with the three childrenwhich not only showed off the parents’ matching looks as they accessorized with matching straw hats, but also how much their youngest, Bodhi, takes after his mother, as the two shielded themselves from the sun in a similar gesture.

The sincere family portrait

Erinn captioned the sweet family portrait with: “I can’t believe we’re having a freshman in high school!!”

Fans congratulated the famous parents and their son on his accomplishments, writing, “Amazing” and, “It’s happening so fast!!” as well as: “It’s crazy, isn’t it? You’re all gorgeous!!”

Read more HELLO! WE stories here

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Pitchers lead Lafayatte Aviators to summer baseball winning streak https://pilotin.org/pitchers-lead-lafayatte-aviators-to-summer-baseball-winning-streak/ Tue, 14 Jun 2022 14:34:43 +0000 https://pilotin.org/pitchers-lead-lafayatte-aviators-to-summer-baseball-winning-streak/

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Bright blue skies and cool, comfortable summer weather are an invitation to enjoy a baseball game. The Aviators’ three-game home stand last week had perfect weather that drew thousands of fans to watch the team.

The club had a successful outing winning all three games, claiming the top spot in the Wabash River Division. The Aviators managed to win two matchups against Johnstown before defeating rival Danville to cap the undefeated home standings.

The driving force behind the Aviator‘s wins June 7-9 revolved around dominant pitching that trickled down from starting pitchers to relief pitchers. In the two matchups against the Johnstown Mill Rats, the pitching staff struck out a total of 26 batters in the two-game series. The first game against Johnstown. all four pitchers had multiple hits, with starting pitcher Nick Yager and relief pitcher Drew Switzer tied for the game with four strikeouts, each displaying the depth and skill of the Aviator pitching staff.