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It got very busy in the New York skies today when a wayward Cessna belonging to the United States Army got lost in the restricted airspace around New York which was in place to protect the Annual General Meeting. United Nations, which President Biden attended. The light aircraft was intercepted by F-16C Vipers from the 187th Fighter Wing of the Alabama Air National Guard – the notorious Red Tails – who were on temporary duty to conduct air patrols for the high-profile event. We now have very rare audio of radio communications between air traffic control and the Vipers, which usually communicate over UHF so they are not recorded on standard VHF frequencies, trying to find the plane, intercepting it, then the Cessna pilot‘s response.

As you can hear below, the action started around 2:00 p.m. local time. One of the F-16s registers with the New York approach using the NOBLE 12 call sign and has requested vectors to the TOI, or target of interest. The fighter pilot struggled to find the Cessna on radar, which is not surprising for a small, low-flying plane operating around a metropolis like New York. From there, the interception takes place. You can feel how complex and crowded the airspace is.

The original audio is via the awesome LiveATC.net:

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Katie Holmes’ Black $ 160 Platform Loafers Go With Any Outfit https://pilotin.org/katie-holmes-black-160-platform-loafers-go-with-any-outfit/ https://pilotin.org/katie-holmes-black-160-platform-loafers-go-with-any-outfit/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 16:42:46 +0000 https://pilotin.org/katie-holmes-black-160-platform-loafers-go-with-any-outfit/

The start of fall can be identified by several telltale signs: when red-orange foliage begins to color the treetops or when your favorite street style stars switch from dresses to sweaters. In particular, you know summer quickly wears off in New York City when residents like Katie Holmes pull out her reliable, cold staples from storage. Case in point: Holmes wore black platform loafers from Vagabond Shoemakers this weekend. The star swapped her open-toed sandals for thicker, slightly heavier fall shoes.

Holmes has a well-researched and well-edited capsule wardrobe filled with pieces she wears repeatedly – one of the items being her chunky loafers from the Sweden-based shoe brand, which she wears like clockwork for the colder seasons. Therefore, seeing her “ugly” shoes appear again in a recent look means, for all intents and purposes, that summer is officially over.

The actor wore his beloved bulky shoes, which are affordably priced at $ 160, on September 20. Holmes opted for an effortless neutral look consisting of a pair of jeans in her favorite new wide-leg silhouette and a navy crew-neck sweater. She also wore an oversized red and white striped tote over her shoulder and wore a pair of black aviator-style sunglasses.


The recent outing to New York wasn’t his first time rocking the shoes. While shopping in SoHo last winter, Holmes paired the on-trend shoe with loose jeans, a navy pea coat and a crimson newsboy cap, all of which regularly appear in Holmes’ rotation of outfits.

She also slipped into the chunky loafers in early January 2021, but this time Holmes incorporated them into a more understated outfit formula of straight-leg jeans and a black quilted duvet coat. Look at how she also wore off-white socks with her platform shoes, which is a neat style and adjacent to the preppy style that fashion girls are turning to lately.

The majority of Vagabond Shoemakers shoes cap at $ 250. (Gigi Hadid also owns a few pairs of the brand’s shoes – she’s obsessed with the Gabi boot.) So if you’re expanding your fall shoe assortment, or maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of ​​testing it out. The 2021 platform shoe craze, Vagabond is absoutely the place to turn to.

And as luck would have it, below you will find the exact pair of Holmes moccasins. Plus, you’ll find other bulky options that will be welcome additions to your own collection of cold weather footwear.

We only include products that have been independently selected by TZR’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of the sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

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Ferrari, plane discovered in bankruptcy of man jailed for fraud by Sir Peter Jackson https://pilotin.org/ferrari-plane-discovered-in-bankruptcy-of-man-jailed-for-fraud-by-sir-peter-jackson/ https://pilotin.org/ferrari-plane-discovered-in-bankruptcy-of-man-jailed-for-fraud-by-sir-peter-jackson/#respond Tue, 21 Sep 2021 04:09:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/ferrari-plane-discovered-in-bankruptcy-of-man-jailed-for-fraud-by-sir-peter-jackson/
Eugene (Gene) DeMarco had unique skills as a vintage airplane pilot, but was jailed for fraud.  (File photo)

Piers Fuller / Tricks

Eugene (Gene) DeMarco had unique skills as a vintage airplane pilot, but was jailed for fraud. (File photo)

A specialist pilot convicted of defrauding filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson has not suspended his bankruptcy pending appeal.

Eugene John DeMarco, 59, served time in jail for dishonesty crimes against victims, including a business of Jackson and his partner Dame Fran Walsh.

The US-born pilot specialized in flying vintage airplanes and worked for about a decade for Jackson and Walsh’s aircraft company The Vintage Aviator Ltd, where he was a director until that irregularities were discovered in 2017, which ultimately led to his conviction and imprisonment for fraud.

He was declared bankrupt with a civil debt of $ 323,441 due to false claims regarding the waterproofing of a Wellington home he was selling.

* ‘Peter stolen to pay Peter’: the case of Sir Peter Jackson to recover from fraudster
* Real Estate Transaction Gone Wrong: Debt Settlement Offer of $ 323,441.53 for $ 5
* Filmmakers Jackson and Walsh in civil case against convicted fraudster
* Aviator Vintage Fraudster Eugene DeMarco to be released, Parole Board decides

Filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson was a friend and employer of DeMarco before his dishonesty was discovered in 2017. (File photo)

Ross Giblin / Stuff

Filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson was a friend and employer of DeMarco before his dishonesty was discovered in 2017. (File photo)

When the buyers canceled the contract, DeMarco retained their deposit of $ 120,000. They successfully sued him and were awarded costs.

He asked the appeals court to stay the bankruptcy pending an appeal against the decision to bankrupt him.

In a ruling on Tuesday, the court refused, for reasons which included that some assets and property needed to be investigated and secured, if necessary.

They included real estate in New York and Florida, a Ferrari car in New York and a plane in New Zealand which may be in the process of being transferred to a company in the UK, the court was told. .


Heavenly Creatures put Peter Jackson on the world map as a filmmaker, but it would never have been made without Fran Walsh.

The Court of Appeal said it agreed with the official assignee who oversaw the administration of DeMarco’s estate that the stay of bankruptcy was likely to be “highly prejudicial” to the public interest.

The unsecured creditors, and the couple who filed for bankruptcy to recover the deposit they paid and the costs they incurred, had the right to ensure that the administration of DeMarco’s affairs be completed as quickly as possible, the court said.

DeMarco’s appeal against the bankruptcy order may continue.

However, the court noted that an earlier appeal against compensation for damages that laid the groundwork for bankruptcy was treated as having been abandoned in June because it failed to follow the procedural steps to have an audience.

Jackson, Walsh, and others have ongoing civil lawsuits against DeMarco.

Due to his bankruptcy, DeMarco was unable to participate in recent civil cases, but he had previously argued that he was owed large sums.

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Deseret News Week 6 star athletes of the week in high school https://pilotin.org/deseret-news-week-6-star-athletes-of-the-week-in-high-school/ https://pilotin.org/deseret-news-week-6-star-athletes-of-the-week-in-high-school/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:50:19 +0000 https://pilotin.org/deseret-news-week-6-star-athletes-of-the-week-in-high-school/


Easton Schank, Cedar Valley (Sr.)

He came out strong last week when his side needed it most in an impressive 36-35 win over Timpanogos.

He carried the ball 26 times for 160 yards and three touchdowns, and he also caught six passes for 67 yards and another touchdown. His three rushing touchdowns all came in the second half as the Aviators overcame a 27-14 deficit late in the third quarter.

He sealed the win with a two-point conversion reception with 32 seconds left.

“The best way to explain Easton is that he’s a leader and a first team player. He’s a huge playmaker for us, ”Cedar Valley coach Weston Zabriskie said.

Girls football

Summer Christensen, Timpanogos (Jr.)

Timpanogos is still perfect heading into the final two weeks of the season, and one of the catalysts of the year has been the regular play of junior Summer Christensen.

She is tied for the team lead with 13 goals and seven assists for the 11-0 T-Wolves.

“Summer is the kind of player every coach wants on their team. She trains hard, plays hard and has a personality that can rally a team around her. She is an outstanding athlete in Timpanogos and competes at the varsity level in soccer, basketball and track and field. Her speed makes her very dangerous in the attacking third and her scorecard speaks for itself, ”said Timpanogos coach Robyn Bretzing.

“Summer is a real competitor who never gives up, never complains and sets an example on and off the pitch. Ask one of his teammates and they’ll tell you how amazing summer is not only as a soccer player but also as a friend. She is the heart and soul of our T-Wolves women’s football team and I am fortunate to be her coach.

Last week, in Timpanogos’ 3-1 win over Mountain View, Christensen scored two goals and an assist.


Nia Damuni, Ridgeline (Jr.)

Ridgeline is advancing so far in the season, and one of the main reasons is the constant play of junior passer Nia Damuni.

In a three-game win over Logan last week, she recorded 34 assists, 14 digs and five aces. For the season, she recorded 427 assists and 122 recoveries.

“Nia is a player you cannot replace on the pitch. She is extremely athletic and makes adjustment simple. She has quick feet and pretty hands; Her athleticism is impressive, but that’s only part of what makes her talented, ”said Ridgeline coach Jaicee Roden.

“Nia has really taken this year to develop her knowledge of the game. She’s leading a smart, strategic attack, and she works hard to connect with her hitters. She breaks down the film and hastens to make the necessary adjustments. Nia has taken on a leadership role as well, and she is a teammate the players love and respect.

Cross country ski girls

Sienna Barton, Bonneville (So.)

One of the top 5A runners in first year last year, Sienna Barton is once again dominating her sophomore year.

Barton won last week’s Ogden / Weber City-County meet at the Weber Fairgrounds with an excellent time of 19: 26.7 – 33 seconds faster than the runner-up.

“There are a number of reasons why Sienna is a great athlete. Sienna loves to run and cross country is her favorite sport. Sienna is respectful and supports her coaches, fellow athletes and competitors. She enjoys challenges and looks forward to working hard with a positive attitude to achieve her goals, ”said Bonneville coach Alydia Barton.

“She is self-disciplined and demonstrates a strong work ethic that allows her to succeed both academically and athletically. She is extremely coachable and will do her best to follow the training strategies in her races. We look forward to seeing her future success as she represents Bonneville High School.

In the United States last year, she was fifth with a time of 20: 52.5.

Cross-country skiing boys

Edward Lyman, San Juan (So.)

He put in a great performance at last week’s Kanab Invitational as he continues to make great strides in his second season.

In a game against four other 2A teams, Edward Lyman won the game with a solid time of 18: 25.5, which was 17 seconds better than the runner-up. He also led San Juan to the tag team title.

“Edward is one of the most talented runners I have ever coached. His drive, work ethic and positive attitude are contagious and he is a born leader. In his sophomore year he is just starting to realize his potential and I can’t wait to see what he has yet to show us, ”said Will Walker, San Juan coach.

Girls tennis

Sianna Shakespear, Roy (Sr.)

Sianna Shakespear’s passion for tennis is evident at Roy High School, whether she competes for the girls ‘team or is a team manager for the boys’ team.

So far this season in both singles and doubles competition, Shakespear has amassed a 6-6 record in his second year of competing at the varsity level.

“Sianna is completely dedicated to playing great tennis and her success proves it,” said Roy’s coach Brett Webb.

Shakespear was a team leader for the boys’ team last spring, and she’s also very academically involved with Roy as president of HOSA.

Golf for boys

Peter Kim, Skyline (Jr.)

Heading into the home stretch of the 5A golf season, Skyline Junior Peter Kim is sure to be one of the golfers to beat at the 5A State Tournament next month.

Kim is one of four 5A golfers with an average score below 70 this year, as his 67.75 in Region 6 games rank second in 5A.

Most recently he shot a 68 at Mountain Dell, one of four rounds this year in the ’60s.

“Peter works very hard and leads our team, he’s very consistent and has the ability to go really low. I’m so proud of him that he sets a great example for our team and is always ready to help a teammate, ”said Skyline coach Kenny James.

Last year at the state competition, he landed a two-day 8-under to finish fourth at the Soldier Hollow Golf Course.

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Missouri mule has served as the longtime mascot for the Air National Guard squadron https://pilotin.org/missouri-mule-has-served-as-the-longtime-mascot-for-the-air-national-guard-squadron/ https://pilotin.org/missouri-mule-has-served-as-the-longtime-mascot-for-the-air-national-guard-squadron/#respond Mon, 20 Sep 2021 05:24:59 +0000 https://pilotin.org/missouri-mule-has-served-as-the-longtime-mascot-for-the-air-national-guard-squadron/

For more than a decade, a Missouri mule served as a mascot for an Air National Guard squadron, entertaining countless spectators in parades and even participating in the inauguration of governors.

On other occasions he made headlines across the United States when he went to military training exercises and was subsequently denied the opportunity to deploy to France with his colleagues. airmen.

The origins of the 110th Fighter Squadron date back to 1923, when it began its military legacy as the 110th Observation Squadron headquartered at a gas station on Manchester Road in St. Louis.

The squadron counted among its distinguished members the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh and adopted as its badge the Missouri combat mule, which wore aviator glasses and breathed fire through the nostrils.

“Living a legend is no child’s play,” wrote Theodore Wagner in the November 4, 1959, edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Banjo A. Burro, mascot of the 110th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Lambert-St. Louis Field, learned quickly last summer after leaving the quiet of a hilltop Jefferson County for a hectic life with the Missouri Air National Guard.

“The Show Me Spirit”, published in 1973 and recounting the 50 year history of the Missouri Air National Guard, explained that Banjo was a Missouri mule “(e) listed by Colonel Robert Smith, then major and commander of the 110th Fighter Squadron,… (who) found a new niche in life at the National Guard base at Lambert Field.

Banjo wasted no time in demonstrating his unique personality and skills as an escape artist when he found a way out of the specially constructed enclosure for him at the National Guard base in Saint Louis.

The aforementioned book explained: “… at the start of his career, Banjo decided to become AWOL. He escaped from his accommodation at 2:30 a.m. one morning and wandered onto the nearby runway, shocking civilian personnel at the control tower. It took several Air Guard security guards and an airport officer to get him back to his barracks.

Obtained by the squadron for $ 75, Banjo quickly became one of the most famous members of the Missouri National Guard.

During Governor John Dalton’s investiture on January 9, 1961, the mule walked past the magazine stand, seemingly unimpressed by onlookers which included not only the Governor, but also state officials and the former President Harry S. Truman.

Banjo A. Burro’s outfit for special events helped her appear “resplendent in a showy blanket and a flippant red flight cap, her long ears tucked into the holes in the cap,” reported the St. Louis Post. -Dispatch November 4, 1959.

When the squadron made it to their summer camps, Banjo was loaded onto a private trailer and attended training exercises alongside his fellow airmen. According to reports, during off-peak hours, Banjo has gained a reputation for occasionally enjoying beer and chewing the best of cigars.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on November 5, 1961, although Banjo was frequently honored, he possessed a wild streak and stubborn nature that inhibited his promotional potential.

The newspaper explained, “He even got a number of citations from state and federal officials, but he remains ‘Airman Basic Burro’, having been downgraded several times due to his indifference to the rules. These weaknesses, and a frivolous disposition, made him endearing to the men of the squadron … “

Proving he was more than just a Missouri mule, Banjo made headlines across the country when he was temporarily removed from his military duties after the squadron received mobilization orders in response to the Berlin crisis.

“Banjo A. Burro is a Missouri mule on leave,” the Sacramento Bee wrote on Jan. 4, 1962. “Banjo is the mascot of the St. Louis-based Missouri Air National Guard squadron recently called up for service. active in France The squadron… wanted to take Banjo, but the brass refused.

Linda Drullinger, whose late father was a steam plant operator for the Air National Guard in Lambert, explained: “When the Guard deployed to France, my father had a barn and many acres in Wentzville on which Banjo could. run, so he was moved there.

She continued, “One thing is for sure – he had his own mind. When I was little I would try to ride it and sometimes it would go as slowly as a turtle but when I would turn it back towards the barn it would run off at a gallop.

The mule, Drullinger recalls, got along well with pigs and chickens on their father’s property but, despite all friendship in the barnyard, frequently found ways to escape its fenced environment.

“When he was going out we had to chase him and once we caught him he would laugh at us because he knew we were taking him back to the barn,” she said.

After the squadron returned from France in the late summer of 1962, Banjo continued to live on the farm near Wentzville. He would remain the squadron mascot and continue to participate in parades while being escorted to annual training events in a private trailer.

After spending over a decade symbolizing the “Fighting Missouri Mule,” Banjo escaped the farm one last time and was struck by a car in the early 1970s. Due to the extent of his injuries , the 18-year-old mascot had to be dropped off by a local vet.

“When he first got to the farm, I remember my little brother and I were going through the gate and Banjo came running towards us,” Drullinger recalls. “It startled me and I was able to push my brother through the door to get him to safety, but I didn’t have time to run away.

She concluded, “But when he got to me, he just stopped and stood there with a goofy look on his face.” Smiling, she added: “He was definitely a joker and we miss him very much.”

Jeremy P. Ämick writes on behalf of the Silver Star Families of America.

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Republican Representative Elise Stefanik was criticized by a local newspaper editorial for an advertisement for “The Great Alternative Theory” https://pilotin.org/republican-representative-elise-stefanik-was-criticized-by-a-local-newspaper-editorial-for-an-advertisement-for-the-great-alternative-theory/ https://pilotin.org/republican-representative-elise-stefanik-was-criticized-by-a-local-newspaper-editorial-for-an-advertisement-for-the-great-alternative-theory/#respond Sun, 19 Sep 2021 01:01:41 +0000 https://pilotin.org/republican-representative-elise-stefanik-was-criticized-by-a-local-newspaper-editorial-for-an-advertisement-for-the-great-alternative-theory/

Protrump Republican Elise Stephanik was accused of being “weak” by a local newspaper editorial after paying for Facebook ads pushing for a “big alternative” theory.

Stephanique’s Facebook ad on Wednesday saw Joe Biden wearing his signature aviator sunglasses, with dozens of immigrants in their reflections marching towards the president. Was drawn.

The image was a riff on the cover of Time magazine that saw Putin reflected in Biden’s undertones. “The Democratic Party is preparing the most aggressive movement of all time: a perpetual electoral rebellion”, declared Stéphanique’s advertising text.

“Their plans to pardon 11 million illegal immigrants will overthrow our current voters and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington,” the announcement continued.

Times Union Editorial- “Mr. Stephanique, how low is it?” – I sank into the ad.

“Of course, given that the country is still suffering from the aftermath of the January 6 riot in Washington by supporters of Mr. Trump who tried to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. is a nice choice of word. ”

Republican Representative Elise Stephanik’s announcement (pictured here) was called “weak” by a paper editorial in her hometown.

Stephanique's announcement appears to be a parody on the cover of Time magazine in June before Biden met Putin.

Stephanique’s announcement appears to be a parody on the cover of Time magazine in June before Biden met Putin.

MP Elise Stefanik (pictured here July 29) was ripped apart in her hometown newspaper because of her

MP Elise Stefanik (pictured here July 29) was ripped apart in her hometown newspaper because of her “weak” advertising for immigrants.

The editorial tore up the ad as a “fear-based political tactic” and didn’t cut out the words in the last paragraph.

“If there is anything in this country, and the Republican Party, that needs to be replaced, it is unpleasant rhetoric for Stephanique and his colleagues to spit shamelessly.”

The great alternation theory claims that whites are being deliberately replaced by immigrants in the United States.

It has a long history in the country, including a period when Catholics, Jews or Muslims were welcomed as “alternatives” to change the “culture” of the country.

The theory has also raised concerns that Irish, Italian, Asian, or Eastern European immigrants will accept white Protestant jobs.

The third-place Republican ad reflects Donald Trump’s attack on Muslim and Mexican immigrants, covering the month of June covered in Joe Biden’s airmen with Vladimir Putin in Time magazine. It seems ridiculous before the meeting between Biden and Putin.

The Times Union editorial included the contributions of immigrants to the United States, saying their work was essential to a healthy American economy.

“Today, according to the American Immigration Council, they make up more than a third of the agricultural, fisheries and forestry workforce and a quarter of those working in computers and mathematics,” said the ‘editorial. Declared.

“More than 4 million immigrants work in the health and social protection sector. Often times, they are doing jobs that American citizens do not want to do.

Stephanique represents New York’s 21st Parliamentary District, primarily in the countryside, with counties of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, Warren and Washington, and counties of Herkimer and Saratoga. Includes part of. 2015.

The region includes most of the Adirondack Mountains and the Thousand Islands region. It borders Vermont to the east and Canada to the north. It also includes the US Army Fort Drum.

Stéphanique will be here on July 27 to discuss the January 6 committee

Stéphanique will be here on July 27 to discuss the January 6 committee

The ad comes when the country encounters more than 195,000 immigrants at the Mexican border in August, according to government data released Wednesday.

The Biden administration has moved to Haiti to reduce the number of undocumented migrants flooding Del Rio, Texas, after nearly 14,000 migrants began camping in the area, as thousands continue to arrive. We have started preparations for the deportation flight.

Homeland security officials are planning eight daily flights to Haiti starting Sunday, about a week after President Joe Biden canceled his return flight to Haiti.

Haiti, which killed more than 2,000 people and damaged more than 100,000 homes in a 7.2 magnitude quake, is prepared to accept at least three flights a day, according to the Washington Post, but the Biden administration has said promote 8 flights.

Republican Representative Elise Stefanik was criticized by a local newspaper editorial for an advertisement for “The Great Alternative Theory”

Source link Republican Representative Elise Stefanik was criticized by a local newspaper editorial for an advertisement for “The Great Alternative Theory”

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Two presidential speeches, 80 years apart, speak to the nation | Opinion https://pilotin.org/two-presidential-speeches-80-years-apart-speak-to-the-nation-opinion/ https://pilotin.org/two-presidential-speeches-80-years-apart-speak-to-the-nation-opinion/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 10:00:00 +0000 https://pilotin.org/two-presidential-speeches-80-years-apart-speak-to-the-nation-opinion/

These remarks speak of the America that FDR helped shape and, in Bush’s words, “the America I know”. They speak of courage, patience and above all determination to live up to our founding precepts, even if the speakers themselves – and we – have not always done so.

These words also recall the fragility, flaws and failures of leadership, because no president is without flaws, or worse, in his historical reputation. These presidents are not exempt; Roosevelt sent Japanese Americans to internment camps and desperate Jews aboard ships in European concentration camps, and Bush invaded Iraq under false pretenses and authorized the use of ” improved interrogation techniques ”which were nothing less than torture.

Then again, on another 9/11, some 160 years ago in 1861, President Abraham Lincoln, in what he saw as a strategic imperative but also a moral calamity, ignored the plea of ​​abolitionist Frederick Douglass ( “To fight against the slave owners, without fighting slavery, is only a half-hearted affair …”) and revoked the proclamation of Fremont, in which the Western commander of the Union forces freed the slaves of Missouri.

Now has come a time when you and I must see the cold and inexorable need to tell these inhuman and frantic seekers of world conquest and permanent world domination by the sword: “You seek to cast our children and them. children of our children in your form of terrorism and slavery. You have now attacked our own security. You won’t go any further.

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The author writes “Well done” on the experience of her late husband during World War II, https://pilotin.org/the-author-writes-well-done-on-the-experience-of-her-late-husband-during-world-war-ii/ https://pilotin.org/the-author-writes-well-done-on-the-experience-of-her-late-husband-during-world-war-ii/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 03:03:44 +0000 https://pilotin.org/the-author-writes-well-done-on-the-experience-of-her-late-husband-during-world-war-ii/ Authors are pushed to write their stories for many reasons – to send a message, tell a compelling story, share a piece of history, or remember a friend. For Nancy Hungerford, a former resident of Colebrook, her work is a final tribute to her late husband Robert “Bob” T. Hungerford, a WWII Navy pilot.

“Well Done: A Memoir of WWII, From Childhood Dreams to the Naval Aviator,” was published in August by Xlibris.

Time in Connecticut

Prior to their stay in Connecticut, the Hungerfords were in New York and Long Island.

“Bob was artistic director for J. Walter Thompson, and we had our own agency, Hungerford & Associates,” Hungerford said. “We had a lot of interesting experiences, and then we started a monthly lifestyle journal, North Fork Country, and ran it for about six years. It was pretty amazing. I would have a bright idea, and we would. The newspaper was nothing political, no (hard) news, just people, the arts, the history of the region.

In the 1990s, they decided to move to Connecticut and spent eight years in Colebrook, on the Riverton end of town. “It was absolutely lovely,” Hungerford said. While there, the couple joined the Nutmeg Writers Group at the local library.

“We really enjoyed this group,” she said. “It was run by Claire Vreeland, and it was a way to get reviews on anything you were working on, to get good feedback, and to have good discussions with other writers.

The Riverton Fair was one of the Hungerfords’ favorite events, and Nancy remembered winning a watermelon seed spitting contest there. “It was just a perfect little country fair,” she said. “And Riverton was so handsome. We loved it there.

The book begins

But Bob developed progressive dementia, which prompted the couple to return to Long Island where they could approach a hospital for emergencies and nursing services. “The Greenport hospital was nearby and we knew people there,” she said. “So we folded our tails and came back.”

Bob was never diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but his type of dementia was just as difficult. Hungerford said she treated each day “like a regular day” with routines, discussing the news of the day and other activities they could do together.

The book has become one of these activities.

Over the next nine years, Hungerford worked on “Well Done” with Bob, developing a story from his journals and conversations with him. Bob passed away on July 4, 2020. He was 98 years old.

“Bob was really good – he did really well for a long time,” Hungerford said. “I told him about writing a book, and he started telling me things about his time in the Navy. I was talking to him while I was writing.

“He had these newspapers and he kept saying ‘There is a story here’ mainly because the story he tells in the newspapers is very typical, about a young man with no leadership, floundering around. in all directions. He dreamed of flying when he was young, and back then WWI pilots were like heroes. He wanted to be an elite pilot.

A Hellcat pilot

“When Pearl Harbor happened it was a revelation for him, a turning point,” she said. “He became totally focused on becoming a pilot, and at the time they were screaming for pilots and stepped up training, so he signed up for the flying program in June 1941, got his wings from the Navy.” and flew the Hellcat, which was designed to fight the Japanese airplanes.

Hungerford was a member of Fighting Squadron 13, with pilots specially trained to fly the Hellcat.

“The government started a program offering pilot training to college students in preparation – because the government knew we were going to war. Bob was selected when he was in his sophomore year at Wayne University, ”Hungerford said.

The young pilot also served on the aircraft carrier USS Franklin, which was destroyed in March 1945 by suicide bombers. “He was on the aircraft carrier when the suicide bombers first hit him,” she said. “It was attacked and destroyed again in 1945, but Bob was already back in the United States. Lots of people were killed.

The book details many of these types of stories, told by Bob himself and mixed in with the daily journal entries. Hungerford said one of her biggest flying missions took place on July 4 in the Pacific and was “very dangerous,” she said. “It was poetic that he died this weekend.”

When some of Bob’s war buddies found out that Nancy was writing a war book, they started sending her their own journals and journals from their own time in the Navy. “So I went through them all and finally concocted a story. It was Bob’s, but his friends added a lot of details.

Checking the facts was a big challenge, she said. “I spent a ton of time researching everything and put a disclaimer on the book, saying if I made a mistake let me know.

“It took about nine years to make the book, but I didn’t do it all the time,” she said. “I had tons of notes and a few chapters were written, but it wasn’t over yet. When he died, I compared the book to ‘The Last Leaf’ by O. Henry, because for three years, every time it started to tumble, I would tell him, ‘You’re not leaving, Bob , because the book is not finished.

“Sometimes it was very close, and I would say it again, ‘You’re not leaving.’ My hope was to finish the book before he passed away, and after his death I intended to finish it, and I did it in three or four months, ”she said.

Back to Long Island

Nancy Hungerford remains on Long Island. She and Bob divorced from their first marriage when they met and each had two children in their own marriage in 1982. “I had one child and Bob had three,” she said. “We had a very full house. “

In August, Hungerford hosted a service for her husband in New Fairfield. Among the guests were two young Marines, who came in full white dress and formally folded the flag, presented it and played tap dancing. “They absolutely surprised me and made this ceremony complete,” she said. “My son played the Navy Anthem on the violin … It was so touching.”

She misses Bob every day. “Oh, something terrible,” she said. “We worked together and we started things together.”

And she has mixed feelings about the end of “Well Done”.

“As a writer I wrote ghost books and wrote for the newspaper so there was a real sense of accomplishment,” she said. “Ultimately the book was a solo effort, and I’m proud to have accomplished it.

“But more than that, I feel happy that his children and the people who knew him could have (his story). You can bring flowers and stuff to a funeral, but that’s his legacy. eternal It is a tribute to him.

“Well Done: A Memoir of WWII, From Childhood Dreams to the Naval Aviator” is available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

https://pilotin.org/the-author-writes-well-done-on-the-experience-of-her-late-husband-during-world-war-ii/feed/ 0
Russell William King, 98 – Radio WRBI https://pilotin.org/russell-william-king-98-radio-wrbi/ https://pilotin.org/russell-william-king-98-radio-wrbi/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 14:15:17 +0000 https://pilotin.org/russell-william-king-98-radio-wrbi/

Russell William King, 98, of Greensburg, Indiana, passed away peacefully on September 15, 2021. He was born in Litchfield, Michigan on June 2, 1923 to Henry and Venus King. He was a World War II veteran, having served a year on the front line in Europe with the 87th Infantry Division. After the war, he was a commercial aviator with more than 10,000 flight hours for several companies. He also asked many pilots to fly. He spent 20 years working for Delta Faucet Company as a personnel manager, before retiring in 1986.

Russ was a former master and life member of the Masonic Lodge. He was an avid golfer and was very active in the First Baptist Church in Greensburg. He leaves behind many friends.

Survivors include her grandson Jeran (Amy) King, great grandchildren Brandon, Katelyn and Jeran Jace King. He was predeceased by his twin sons, Larry and Jerry King, his parents, his two brothers Jack and Cecil, and his sister Phyliss.

A memorial visit for family and friends will be held at First Baptist Church on Saturday, October 2 from 10:00 a.m. until the time of the memorial service at 11:00 a.m. Reverend Cliff Bunch will officiate. Interment will be in Mount Hope Cemetery in Litchfield, Michigan. Memorial contributions can be made to the First Baptist Church. Online condolences can be presented to the family at www.gilliland-howe.com

https://pilotin.org/russell-william-king-98-radio-wrbi/feed/ 0
Pomona-born astronaut visits Fontana to celebrate ‘unity in community’ – Daily Bulletin https://pilotin.org/pomona-born-astronaut-visits-fontana-to-celebrate-unity-in-community-daily-bulletin/ https://pilotin.org/pomona-born-astronaut-visits-fontana-to-celebrate-unity-in-community-daily-bulletin/#respond Thu, 16 Sep 2021 22:15:57 +0000 https://pilotin.org/pomona-born-astronaut-visits-fontana-to-celebrate-unity-in-community-daily-bulletin/

Victor Glover, a native of Pomona who recently spent time orbiting the planet, is back on solid ground and will share his experiences this weekend at Unity In Community Day in Fontana.

Glover, who spent six months aboard the Resilience SpaceX Crew-1 Dragon, is a U.S. Navy aviator and NASA astronaut who graduated from Ontario High School and received his bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He flew the SpaceX Dragon as part of a four-member crew that spent 167 days on the International Space Station before returning to Earth and diving into the Atlantic Ocean on May 2, 2021.

As a celebrity guest of the community event at Fontana, Glover will talk about life in space and be available for photo ops.

“We are pleased that Commander Glover, a true hometown hero, is attending the Unity in Community BBQ,” Ellen Turner, of Concerned Citizens for the Development of North Fontana, said in a press release. “He is an incredibly accomplished man who serves as a role model for all young people. It proves that you can reach the highest levels, even the stars.