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SKYDISPLAY by MYGOFLIGHT receives FAA STC certification for the very first head-up display for general aviation

June 22, 2021- Denver, Colorado USA- SKYDISPLAY ™, a division of MYGOFLIGHT, today announced that it has received FAA STC certification for its SKYDISPLAY HUD system. SKYDISPLAY aligns critical flight information with the pilot’s external view and provides head-up guidance indications based on information contained in the aircraft’s main flight …

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MyGoFlight HUD Gets FAA Approval

The HUD is priced at $ 29,500 and it should take three to five days to install. The HUD combiner mounts to the top of an aircraft’s windshield and projects transparent images including an attitude indicator, flight director, pitch scale, speed and altitude bands, CDI, and a mini-HSI, as well …

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