Capewell appoints Marine Corps veteran Thomas Weidley as chief operating officer

Weidley was charged with United States Marine Corps in 1987 and served as a naval aviator and attack helicopter pilot in subsequent years. During his 34 years of service, Weidley participated in several combat operations in the Middle East, as well as numerous assignments and deployments ashore and afloat in the Indo-Pacific region.

Weidley commanded Marines at several levels throughout his military career, including squadron, group, and aviation wing levels. A general officer for eight years, he carried out a wide range of assignments, including as President of the University of the Marine Corps, Commanding General of Marine Corps Installations – East, and as Chief of Staff deputy for strategy, plans and policy of US forces in Korea.

“Thomas’ diverse experience in naval aviation with the Marines is invaluable, as is his unique insight gained through various leadership positions,” said Gregory Bloom, CEO of Capewell. “We are delighted to welcome him as COO.”

About Capewell:
Founded in 1881, Capewell is the global leader in the engineering and custom manufacture of critical aerial delivery systems and combat water survival solutions for United States government and its partner countries. Capewell’s core mission – to protect those who operate systems in hazardous environments in support of national security – continues to this day. Operating from South Windsor, Connecticut., and Dan Prairies, Virginia., the company offers four core product segments of mission critical components and systems: air and parachute delivery systems, air and marine life support and safety equipment, training and logistics for operators and attendants. maintenance, and engineering services.

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