Cape Catfish Ground Aviators, win Prospect League Championship at Loeb Stadium

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – The magical race of the Lafayette Aviators is over. The Cape Catfish dominated the Aviators, 10-8 in 10 innings in the Prospect League Championship on Thursday at Loeb Stadium.

The Catfish have won back-to-back road wins, having lost Game 1 of the series at home. This is the franchise’s first league title in just two years of playing in the Prospect League.


Early on, Lafayette took a 3-0 lead behind a three-run Jayson Newman homerun. Newman has hit five home runs in total and has 15 RBIs in the playoffs alone.

Lafayette scored one more point on the scoreboard and limited Cape to five scoreless innings. It was then that the floodgates opened in attack for the visitors. The catfish scored four points, topped off by Kolten Poorman’s two-point explosion. Cape held the Aviators scoreless in the bottom of the sixth.

In the 7th, Purdue Baseball’s incoming transfer Curtis Washington Jr. scored one of two runs, giving Cape a 6-4 lead. The home team responded in a big way. Lafayette returned after Reed Chumley’s RBI double and Gary Lora’s triple RBI. Allbry Major tipped the scales in favor of the Aviators with a simple 2-point RBI.

The 8th set brought the visitors two more points and tied the game until the end of the settlement.

The win-win Prospect League Championship would be decided in extra rounds.

At midnight, the 10th round began. The Catfish put two men on base, and Poorman delivered again. His single scored Ellison Hanna, and the Catfish took a lead they would never sacrifice. Two batters later, a wild pitch brought home another Catfish run.

The Aviators’ season ended with outstanding first baseman Newman at home and two men on base. Newman threw a ball into the outfield and Washington Jr. caught the final.

Thursday’s game lasted four hours and a minute and ended at 12:31 am.

The final score of the box can be found HERE.


The Aviators end the 2021 season with the most regular season wins (41) in franchise history. Lafayette finished with a regular season title in the first half, a regular season title in the second half, a division championship and a conference championship. At the new Loeb stadium in Lafayette, the team recorded its highest average attendance ever.

Highlights and post-match interviews will be posted on this online story throughout the day on Friday. A full recap of the game will be featured on News 18-6.

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