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Plane crashes short of airport runway

A plane crash in Butte County near paradise on February 9 caused minor injuries to the pilot when the plane crashed near the airport. The crash happened around 9:45 a.m. at Paradise Skypark Airport. According to a report from Federal Aviation Administrationthe plane crashed near the airport runway while trying to land.

The light aircraft was identified as a Mooney M20J, which is a single engine aircraft. The aircraft’s wings, nose and propeller were damaged in the crash. The crash is being investigated by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board, which are responsible for investigating all aircraft crashes.

Landings and takeoffs cause a high number of plane crashes

Crash is the one thing all pilots want to avoid. However, a crash usually occurs because of a series of small errors that lead to an accident. According to AVWeb, an information resource for the aviation industry, almost half of all plane crashes involve either landing or take-off. Crosswinds, overtaking, overtaking, and similar issues lead to these accidents. Loss of control on the runway accounts for about 15% of all aircraft accidents, this is where many light aircraft stall.

Mechanical problems often lead to a plane crash

Mechanical problems are one of the main causes of light aircraft accidents. Regulations and laws that apply to commercial aircraft often do not come into play with lighter and smaller aircraft. Light aircraft, on the other hand, are flown solely on the basis of pilot experience and judgement.

Since small aircraft often have only one engine, an accident is likely if something goes wrong. Additionally, small aircraft do not have the rigorous maintenance schedules seen in commercial aircraft. Engine failures account for approximately 13% of all aircraft accidents. If the cause is a defective instrument or part, a product liability lawsuit may be filed against the manufacturer or others.

Poor aircraft maintenance

While some pilots do the maintenance on their planes themselves, others trust the mechanics to handle any issues and perform these duties. Improper aircraft maintenance may cause an accident, and the person in charge of aircraft maintenance may be held liable for injury or death resulting from the accident.

Analyze a plane crash

In cooperation with federal and state authorities, our legal and investigative teams investigate aircraft crashes. Only with proof can people injured or whose loved ones have died obtain compensation. Investigations may include the following:

  • A crash study is conducted by the federal government to determine the cause of the accident and whether the plane had any defects. These documents will be reviewed by our investigators, who provide good evidence to recover compensation by the injured customer.
  • In order to determine if pilot error caused the crash, the air traffic control log is examined.
  • To ensure the plane was in good working order, inspectors checked repair and maintenance records.
  • Aircraft data and cell phone records are being reviewed to see if they can shed light on the cause of the plane crash.
  • In addition to checking the pilot’s background, it also checks the certifications he holds and the number of flight hours he has accumulated.
  • Investigators analyze flight data from the black box or flight log.

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