Bruce Bochy hit the first home run in professional baseball history in Las Vegas

1. Welcome back, Bruce Bochy

The answer to a trivial question about baseball in Las Vegas had found a cool spot in the suites to watch Friday night’s Aviators game against the Sacramento River Cats: “That ball is probably still going,” Bruce Bochy joked, who hit the first home run. in Cashman Field history on April 10, 1983, and is also famous for leading the San Francisco Giants to three World Series titles.

2. The battery of stars reunited

Bochy, still employed by the Giants as a senior advisor, was fascinated by the Las Vegas Ballpark on his first visit. But he said that when he caught the original Las Vegas Stars, Cashman Field was impressive on its own. “Lots of great memories,” he said after visiting former drummer Larry Brown, one of the Stars’ 1983 opening day pitchers.

3. Frank the Tank rumbles

In his first batting game after being promoted from the Aviators to the A’s, Frank Schwindel hit a home run on Wednesday so imposing that the referees had to examine him to make sure he cleared the post of fouls in fair territory before landing in the second bridge. “I got nervous for a second, but once I saw them do the little home run nod I felt pretty good,” Schwindel said.

4. Well done to the Bronx in Las Vegas

Who says Las Vegas baseball fans don’t pay attention to the game? After allowing the first eight River Cats to reach base in the lead on the first Friday, former A starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo received a sarcastic applause when he finally registered an out.

5. Uniform behavior

The Aviators wore vest-style caps and jerseys with a blue and red sleeve to commemorate the Fourth of July holiday on Friday. The stylish shirts will be auctioned off for charity, but you can purchase the commemorative cap at the gift shop located in the lobby of Third Base.

6. Homer’s sequence ends …

The Aviators’ franchise record for consecutive home runs ended at 21 when they failed to take losses in Salt Lake on Monday and Tuesday. The previous record was 19, set by the 2019 club.

7.… and ends strong

After hitting all of those home runs, the Aviators were limited to two singles in Thursday’s 10-2 loss, opening a six-game homestand against Sacramento. The only races in Las Vegas were on a double-play court and a basics-laden march.

8. No doubt Thomas

Aviators outfielder Cody Thomas was named AAA Player of the Month after reaching 0.313 in June with 11 homers, six doubles, two triples, 28 RBIs, 10 walks and 1.123 OPS. I was told his WAR was pretty good too.


The Aviators’ earned run average of 6.76 ranks last among the 10 AAA West teams. The Las Vegas pitchers also gave up 98 home runs, a league-high, which is a big part of the team’s 23-27 record heading into Saturday night.

10. Airmen Quick Quiz

Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of Oakland A’s seven home runs and tying a major league record in an 18-2 win over the Angels. Which of those players was also responsible for initiating a triple play in a 1996 series against the Tigers at Cashman Field during the renovation of the Oakland Coliseum: A: Scott Brosius. B: Mark McGwire. C: Jason Giambi. D: Ernie Young.

The answer is Ernie Young, who scaled the center field wall to land a drive from Bobby Higginson and start one of eight triple games in A.

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