Biden gifted Putin a pair of personalized aviator sunglasses

A pair of 23kt gold drop-shaped Randolph Engineering Concorde sunglasses with American gray polarized lenses rest on a table at the company where they are made in Randolph, Mass. On Thursday, June 17, 2021. Russian President Vladimir Putin received a pair of sunglasses from President Joe Biden following their meeting in Switzerland this week. (AP Photo / Steven Senne)

Peter Waszkiewicz, President and CEO of Randolph Engineering, hand-only displays a brass main eyepiece cap, used in the manufacture, for the Concorde 57mm teardrop sunglasses model, in the company where they’re made, in Randolph, Mass., Thursday June 17, 2021. (AP Photo / Steven Senne)

GENEVA (AP) – President Joe Biden celebrated his first presidential summit with Russian Vladimir Putin with a gift, giving his counterpart a pair of personalized aviator sunglasses.

Biden is so famous for wearing aviator sunglasses that he sometimes parodies them.

He notably continued to wear his aviators during his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Sunday.

Personalized Aviators are a Massachusetts-made brand designed for fighter pilots, the White House said, announcing the giveaways after Biden and Putin concluded their summit in Geneva on Wednesday.

The American leader also gave Putin a crystal sculpture of an American bison made by a New York-based glass company.

The Kremlin has not said if and how Putin could have reciprocated.

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