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Bond-inspired merchandise is usually tied to the latest 007 outing, but with Daniel Craig leaving the franchise and his successor still unknown, it’s unclear when movie-going audiences will have their next rendezvous with the secret agent. So instead, LA-based eyewear designer Barton Perreira looks back (no pun intended), finding new inspiration in Bond’s past adventures to recreate shades of 007’s greatest hits.

The eyewear maker’s relationship with Bond began with the 2021s No time to die, when the production’s wardrobe stylist brought in Barton Perreira to style Craig in the film. As a result, Craig’s Bond avoided stares with the brand’s angular Joe model, which was in turn offered to consumers as a limited edition 007 Joe with the agent’s code number emblazoned on its temple. .

Barton Perreira’s Goldfinger and B Fourteen models.

Barton Perreira

The partnership between Barton Perreira and EON Productions, which produces the Bond films, continues in 2022 with the 007 Legacy Collection. The ongoing capsule celebrates the franchise’s 60th anniversary with nuances drawn from Bond’s most memorable outings: Its premiere in November 2021 unveiled specs first seen on Sean Connery in thunder ball and Christopher Walken as the villainous Max Zorin in A view to kill.

“I found I was inspired by the styles that both Bond and the villainous characters wore,” said Barton Perreira, co-founder and designer Patty Perreira, who had access to the Bond archives during the design process. design. “I narrowed down the list of silhouettes that I felt were the most classic and iconic.” The latest release in the collection features the B Fourteen, a lightweight acetate aviator inspired by a pair worn by Sir Roger Moore in A view to kill and the Goldfinger, a sporty style inspired by the shades Sean Connery donned in the movie of the same name.

Sean Connery in the tones that inspired Barton Perreira's Thunderball design, right.

Sean Connery in the tones that inspired Barton Perreira’s Thunderball design, right.

EON Productions; Barton Perreira

“I love the B Fourteen for its heritage round silhouette, but it combines a titanium top bar detail that gives it a modern appeal. Many of our men’s styles are classic round or rectangular silhouettes,” Perreira says of the frames inspired by Moore. The Goldfinger, meanwhile, gave the designer a chance to play outside of her comfort zone. “I loved the opportunity to explore designing for a sportier style with a high aesthetics – the Goldfinger is exactly that.”

And while every addition to the 007 Legacy collection can be traced back to the big screen, they aren’t exact reproductions. Instead, Perreira subtly tweaked each one for today. “Vintage silhouettes are often more droopy or have strong angles,” she says. “I changed the angles and axis of the lenses to modernize the shapes and make the fit more universal. I also designed subtle and sophisticated details that each correspond to Barton Perreira’s DNA.

A model wearing the B Fourteen.

A model wearing the B Fourteen.

Barton Perreira

Those eagerly awaiting another sequel will not be disappointed. A third edition of the 007 Legacy Collection is in the works for the fall, and it will again look to Sir Roger Moore’s latest Bond release for source material. “I find that I am very inspired by A sight to kill, said Perreira.I feel like I’m in the 80s! If it’s guys like Bond we’re talking about, then so are we.

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