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ENDICOTT, NY – BAE Systems at Endicott seeks to combine 2 areas of expertise with the goal of electrifying flying vehicles.

BAE has announced a multi-million dollar investment in its Huron campus facilities as it seeks to develop electric motors for aircraft.

Already a leader in flight control technology, BAE Endicott has also made advancements in its hybrid and all-electric transit buses.

Now he is developing the means to produce fully electric planes.

The plan is to start with small planes and quad helicopters that can carry people and cargo.

Chief Engineer Matt Boecke said the plane could provide a solution to urban congestion.

“I have 3 young boys and I tell them that I am working on making flying cars. In the world I grew up in that had the Jetsons, we now have the robot vacuum, now we have the dog robot, and now we have the flying cars. In the world of sci-fi and what you knew when you were a kid, and what you’re making, it’s incredibly exciting, ”says Boecke.

Boecke says BAE has already increased its footprint at Endicott to accommodate cutting-edge research and manufacturing.

He says the company is poised to move from R&D to certification, with manufacturing starting later this decade.

While the technology is not yet there to electrify large jumbo jets, Boecke predicts that hybrid models could be developed in the near future.

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