Aviator Group exceeds 2,600 flight hours on H135

The H135 supports Maritime Pilot Helicopter Transfer (HMPT) services for the Port Authority of Pilbara and Port Hedland Port with over 500 transfers per month and a performance breakdown rate of 99.9%.

The Helionix cockpit system, with 4-axis autopilot, significantly reduces pilot workload and brings the H135 to a high level of safety thanks to the additional functions and mission characteristics it adds to the capabilities of the H135.

The Aviator Group is the first operator in the world to use Night Vision Goggles (NVG) for HMPT in the H135. Helionix avionics provides a platform for NVIS operations, enabling 24/7 service every day of the year, with enhanced security and operational benefits.

The H135 aircraft has logged 4,324 flight hours

Aviator Group COO Keith Thompson said: “The H135 Helionix provides efficient, safe and reliable HMPT service to a major customer in the port. Our service is supported by a dedicated team of pilots and engineers, and strongly supported by Airbus HCare Smart solutions. Our second H135, also with Helionix, is on the same trajectory to cross a similar milestone in flight hours. It has already reached over 1,400 hours although it only started operating in April 2020. “

Together, the two H135 planes logged 4,324 flight hours, representing 94% of marine pilot transfers at Port Hedland.

Airbus Australia Pacific Managing Director Andrew Mathewson added: “The Helionix-equipped H135 is a best-selling light twin-engine three-ton class aircraft from Airbus Helicopters. It represents the perfect balance between flight performance, flight safety, reliability and cost of operations, while maintaining its unmatched agility. We are proud to support Aviator Group with their Marine Pilot Helicopter Transfers to busy and critical ports in Australia.

Recently, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency certified a new replacement gross mass for the latest version of the Airbus H135 helicopters.

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