Allegiant Airlines kicks passenger off flight apparently over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ mask

An Allegiant Airlines passenger was removed from a flight after allegedly refusing to change his face mask which read ‘Let’s Go Brandon’. Video of the incident was shared on Twitter by Libs of TikTok on February 16 and it has since gone viral with over 400,000 views. The video showed the man and a flight attendant arguing as the latter said, “The comment you wrote on that,” while referring to his mask.

The caption claimed: ‘This guy was allegedly kicked off a flight because he wrote ‘let’s go Brandon’ on his mask and refused to change his mask. @Allegiant employee says this is “FAA regulation”. Although the airline said the passenger was asked to leave the flight, it did not say it was because of the controversial sentence against President Joe Biden. They said the man was kicked out because he refused to follow the staff member’s instructions.


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In a statement, Allegiant Airlines said, “The video in question depicts part of an incident involving a passenger who failed to comply with repeated requests from crew members to adhere to the federal face mask policy. The passenger was removed from the flight and issued a refund for their ticket. Failure to follow flight crew member instructions is prohibited by federal regulations and is grounds for ejection from a flight when such conduct creates an unsafe environment.

He went on to say: ‘The decision to remove a passenger is never taken lightly and is always made with the safety of our passengers and crew in mind. In April, the FAA adopted a zero-tolerance policy against unruly passenger behavior, which includes failure to follow instructions from crew members,” adding, “We welcome the FAA’s firm and renewed stance towards unruly passengers, understanding the safety risk that such incidents can create for passengers and crew.

Meanwhile, the video drew a lot of comments from people online. One user tweeted: “The whole Let’s go Brandon thing is dumb but it doesn’t justify getting kicked off an lmfao plane.” The second user wrote, “He wasn’t loud or violent, who the hell are @Allegiant to be the thought police? Boycott this airline. “@Allegiant is that how you want to do business? He was following the useless warrant but still gets kicked out? The cheapest airlines are pushing a program, a smart decision! the third user added.

One person said, “1) he’s allowed to film whatever he wants, he gets kicked off a flight, he does NOT need to take the video off his phone 2) how in the name of God are we going to there for a theft problem? this woman and this airline are about to be sued. Another person noted, “I’m by no means a legal expert (especially not US regulations), but I don’t think the powers of a PIC would go that far, i.e. they would stand in court. Captains are given emergency powers to ensure everyone’s safety and regulatory compliance, but that would not include unrelated issues. One tweet read, “Not good riding Allegiant in the first place. Lots of old planes and serious mechanical issues. but at least we know their political leanings, I was beginning to worry.

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