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You may have read something about the Congressional Unidentified Flying Objects report. The editors like to get things done a little earlier, writing this shortly before the Pentagon and the Director of National Intelligence consider submitting a non-confidential UFO report to Congress.

Government officials recently contented themselves with calling this mysterious flight an “unidentified aerial phenomenon” and may not recognize UAO as a UFO.

The $ 2.3 billion “blanket” spending bill passed in December included a requirement to publish to Congress within six months a summary of everything the government knows about UAO.

So six months have passed. A law passed in December provides that the report must provide “a detailed analysis of data and information on unidentified aerial phenomena” collected by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the FBI and the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. Make.

The Pentagon created a task force last summer to collect all data on NAPs that could threaten national security.

The news media sometimes display brief reports that pilots saw fast objects. “There is a lot more information about the sightings than published,” National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe said in an interview last month.

This is nothing new. Navy pilots have reportedly seen unidentified planes off the east coast daily, dating back to 2014.

A year ago, the Special Senate Committee on Information voted that a UFO report should be prepared after a sufficient number of unidentified planes were sighted. The Law on Authorization of Information for Fiscal Year 2021 provided for a 6-month deadline and some funding.

On December 27, President Trump signed a law requiring intelligence agencies to report within 180 days. This set and is the publication of the June report.

How many people remember June 24, 1947? It was the day Kenneth Arnold, an amateur pilot from Idaho, flew over Washington.

Suddenly he saw a bright light about 15 miles away. The object flew in a diagonally lowered formation for a distance of approximately 5 miles.

They weaved left and right, sometimes turned and tilted. He estimated that he was accelerating to an astonishing speed of 1,700 mph. Competent at the time.

Arnold landed a plane on the runway in Yakima, Washington, and told a friend about the strange object he saw. The story quickly spread.

Journalists who heard it. On June 25, Arnold told a reporter from Pendleton’s “Eastern Oregon” about his sightings. He emphasized “unidentified” as much as “flying object”. He said they were flying “when they jumped over the surface like a saucer”.

The headline of the June 26 newspaper read: “Supersonic Flying Saucer Seen by Idaho Pilot.” A word is born.

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