Air India flight suspended due to altercation between pilot and engineer: report, India News News

According to reports, Air India’s Srinagar-Delhi flight has been suspended for up to an hour at Srinagar airport, allegedly due to an altercation between a senior Air India pilot and an Air India maintenance engineer. aircraft.

The pilot reportedly lodged a complaint with the airline’s management. The controversy erupted after the pilot allegedly informed ground staff that there was an “imbalance” of 1400 kg of fuel.

A fuel imbalance occurs when the fuel in both wings of the aircraft is not filled equally due to which the aircraft is not allowed to fly, according to the rules.

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The plane’s engineer reportedly refused to accept while forcing the pilot to accept the fuel imbalance even as the pilot refused.

Reports claim that the maintenance engineer asked the pilot to report the incident as a “hitch” in order to ground the plane.

The issue was finally resolved after another engineer addressed the issue and balanced the fuel in both wings as Air India AI Flight 826 took off after an hour. The pilot reportedly complained about the engineer’s “dizzy behavior”.

The incident comes as Air India is due to be officially handed over to the Tata Group on Thursday. Air India operates in 101 destinations including 57 domestic operations and in 33 countries around the world.

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