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AHMEDABAD: Handling the arrival of a flight is pretty much a routine procedure at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPI). However, the arrival of a Dehradun-Ahmedabad flight kept airport ground staff, air traffic controller (ATC) and other officials under pressure on Friday afternoon at the city’s airport. . The wheel on the SpiceJet-operated Q400 aircraft did not come off within minutes of landing, after which the pilot raised an alert.
“The SpiceJet Q400 aircraft flew SG-3762 (Dehradun-Ahmedabad) on August 27. On approach, when the landing gear was extended, it failed to extend. The go-around has been initiated and ATC has been notified, ”a SpiceJet spokesperson confirmed of the incident said.
“Just before the flight was about to land at the city’s airport, the pilot suspected a technical problem in the operation of the plane and triggered an alert. The flight circled through the air before finally landing, ”a well-positioned source said.
“On the next approach, the plane landed safely,” added the SpiceJet spokesman.
The Q-400 aircraft can carry a maximum of 90 passengers. TOI could not independently confirm the number of passengers on the flight.
Airport officials and airline ground staff breathed a sigh of relief as the flight landed safely. The flight was delayed for about 30 minutes in total due to a technical issue.
In addition, four flights to Amritsar, Goa, Pune and Jaipur were delayed from the city’s airport on Friday due to operational constraints. These flights left 30 to 180 minutes late. In addition, a flight to Chennai was canceled due to operational constraints.

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