A Frank Schwindel’s minor league on a circuit tear

1. The man on fire

Ahead of Saturday night’s game against Reno, the Aviators ‘Frank Schwindel (who was the Kansas City Royals’ opening day first baseman in 2019) had 10 hits in his last 17 batting with five homers – including HR in four straight games – and eight RBIs to increase his batting average to .322 at the top of the team


2. Another man on fire

Wide receiver Austin Allen went 9 for 17 with three homers and five RBIs to help the Aviators win four of six games at Albuquerque in a series that ended Tuesday. He added a simple, sacrificial end in three at-bat in Thursday’s 7-5 home loss to Reno before going 0-for-3 with a walk in an 8-3 win on Friday.

3. Seems appropriate

On the season’s first $ 2 beer night at the Las Vegas Ballpark, Reno first baseman Seth Beer went 2-for-4 with a double, homerun and two RBIs in the 7-5 win. visitors Thursday.

4. Eliminate the blocks

Both teams in Thursday’s Aviators-Aces game featured a son of a former major league. Francisco Pena of Las Vegas, son of five-time all-star receiver Tony Pena, went 1 for 4 with an RBI. Daulton Varsho, who has a two-run homerun for Reno, is the son of former outfielder Gary Varsho and is named after former Phillies wide receiver Darren Daulton, one of his father’s former teammates.

5. Crowded house

The Aviators drew 8,021 and 9,568 in their first two games at the Las Vegas Ballpark since COVID spectator restrictions were lifted. With record heat expected for much of the remaining homestand – and barring the advent of Asbestos Shoes Night – the local club might struggle to keep up that pace.

6. No place like the road

The Aviators won eight of 12 games on the recent road trip to Sacramento and Albuquerque and planned to build on that success in a 12-game home season that started Thursday – only to be quickly beaten 7-5 by Reno.

7. No place like the road, part 2

Inside Airmen reporter Matt Jacob threw even more water on the adage “no place like home” with this: although Las Vegas went 39-31 in its inaugural season at the Las Vegas Ballpark in 2019, the Aviators were better away from that, posting a record 44-26 en route to a PCL division title.

8. Night game… or game of knights?

At various intervals during Thursday night’s game, it might have seemed to the uninitiated that Aviators fans had adopted the fictional New York Knights from the movie “The Natural” as their new favorite team. Every time the Golden Knights scored a goal in their decisive playoff win over Colorado, baseball fans in Las Vegas cheered “Let’s Go Knights!” “

9. Explode from the tip

In keeping with the hockey theme on Thursday, the Aviators’ Frank Schwindel snatched a 440-foot slap shot that appeared to rip through the protective net past the left-field wall and crash into the front of the City National Arena, center Golden Knights practice before returning to the field for an impressive home run.

10. Airmen Quick Quiz

Can you name the all-time major league Las Vegas Triple-A franchise affiliations and their durations? (Answer: San Diego Padres, 18 seasons; Los Angeles Dodgers, eight seasons; Toronto Blue Jays, four seasons; New York Mets, six seasons; Oakland Athletics, two seasons.

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